Why Are Beach Chairs So Low To The Ground? Truth Revealed!

Kindly explain, ‘why are beach chairs so low to the ground?’ I get that question a lot.low to the ground chair

Well, beach chairs are low-to-the-ground to offer more legroom for stretching out. Additionally, low to the ground beach chairs are more stable, easy to access, safe, and comfortable.

But before we can expound the reasons, what exactly is a low-to-the-ground beach chair?

A low-to-the-ground beach chair is an outdoor chair whose seat is not more than 11 inches off the ground. As a result, it’s sometimes known as a low-profile beach chair or a low beach chair.

In a hurry? Then check out our list of the best low-profile beach chairs.

3 Best Low To The Ground Beach Chairs

  1. KingKamp Low Sling Beach Chair – Best 300Lb Low Profile Chair

  2. Cascade Mountain Low Profile Chair – Best 250Lb Low Profile Chair

  3. Picnic Time Tranquility Beach Chair – Best 225Lb Low Profile Chair

Why Are Beach Chairs So Low To The Ground? The Explanation

Here are five reasons why:

  1. More Room To Stretch Out

Beach chairs are low to the ground to let you stretch your legs on the sand. That’s more important in getting rid of muscle cramps after an extended seating.

  1. Ground Stability

Given that Low to the ground beach chairs are closer to the beach surface, they enjoy a lower center of gravity. That, in the long run, translates to improved ground stability.

Moreover, low-profile beach chairs are built from heavy-duty materials. So, they are rock-hard in build, thus very stable.

  1. Easy Access

If you are big-bodied or just overweight, you must have an easy time getting on and off a beach low profile beach chair chair. That might not be the case if you are using a high-of-the-ground beach chair.

However, things are much easier and more comfortable with low to the ground chairs. It’s even stress-free to snuggle up a fire while seated on a low-profile beach chair.

  1. Safe Seating

The problem with high off the ground beach chairs is that their elevation is not friendly for huge guys. So, if you are big, you are less likely to tumble off a low-seat beach chair than a high-seat one.

  1. Seating Comfort

Given that low beach chairs suit big guys more, they come in wider dimensions. That is to ensure you won’t squeeze yourself when you take a seat.

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Why Are Beach Chairs So Low To The Ground? The Qualities

You must buy the best beach chairs low to ground if you are looking to get the most out of it. Here are the qualities to prioritize:

Low seat height – Since we are talking about low-to-the-ground beach chairs, they should be just that. So, check the seat height to ensure it’s not more than 11 inches.

Robust frame – Ground stability is of the utmost importance when shopping for short beach chairs. For that reason, you should pick a strong frame. It can be a heavy-duty metal or a hardwood.beach chairs low to ground

Wider dimensions – It’s essential that you feel comfortable. Hence, the chair should not be too cramped. You should be able to get in and out of it seamlessly.

Weather-resistant – The chair’s frame should resist rusting caused by dampness, and the fabric should not fade. So, go for rust-resistant aluminum or steel frame and anti-fading polyester fabric.

Portable – Low seat beach chairs should be collapsible for convenient parking as well as transportation.

Most of them come with their carry bags, which is a big bonus if you are looking for a portable purchase.

Other qualities – Also, watch out for low to the ground folding beach chairs with adequate padding, cup holders, recline-ability, and adjustable headrest.

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Which Are The Best Low To The Ground Beach Chairs? 3 Best Picks

After answering ‘why are beach chairs so low to the ground,’ it’s time we look at the best low beach chairs.

Here are the three best recommendations:

1. KingKamp Low Sling Beach Chair

(Load Capacity – 300 lbs)

The KingKamp Low Sling Beach Chair is a fantastic low-lying beach chair that is super comfortable and stable.  It comes in a strong steel frame to bear up to 300 pounds.

Also, it features rip-proof 600D oxford fabric. So, it’s quite durable.

The chair comes with a cup holder on its right arm. It unfolds in seconds, and as a result, no assembly is needed.

Its seat width is 23.2 inches, thus satisfactorily spacious for both slim and big-bodied guys.

The low to the ground chair only weighs 6.6 pounds to encourage portability. Furthermore, it comes with its carry bag to let you transport it conveniently.
low to the ground beach chairs

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Highlight Features

  • Lightweight
  • Rip-resistant oxford fabric
  • Cupholder
  • No assembly design

2. Cascade Mountain Tech Compact Low Profile Camp Chair

(Load Capacity – 250 lbs)

Whether you are looking for a picnic, yard, or beach chair, you cannot go wrong with the Cascade Mountain Tech Compact Low Profile Camp Chair.

The beach chair comes in a rigid frame, featuring both steel and aluminum, to bear up to 250 pounds.

The chair collapses into a compact shape for easy carrying. Besides, it comes with its shoulder bag to let you store and carry it effortlessly.

This low folding chair only seats 9 inches off the ground. Its seat is not just lowly positioned but also 20 inches wider, thus roomy.

Its low profile makes it stress-free to stretch out your legs and snug up a campfire.

The chair is comfortable, featuring cushioned armrests and a breathable mesh back.
low to the ground chairs

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Highlight Features

  • Steel-aluminum frame
  • 20-inch wider seat
  • Mesh back
  • Cushioned armrests
  • Shoulder bag

3. Picnic Time Tranquility Portable Folding Beach Chair

(Load Capacity – 225 lbs)

The Picnic Time Tranquility Portable Folding Beach Chair is another versatile, low beach chair.

The low profile beach chair comes in powder-coated steel construction to bear up to 225 pounds. Additionally, it features polyester all over, thus tough-built.

The chair folds inwards into a compact shape for convenient transportation and storage. This chair is also broader, and so it feels roomy.

It has a well-padded headrest with a zippered pocket to promote maximal comfort. Moreover, it comes with a matching shoulder carry bag for convenient carrying.
low to the ground folding beach chairs

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Highlight Features

  • Steel frame
  • Inward folding design
  • Comfy headrest with zippered pocket
  • Matching shoulder bag

Concluding Thought

Now you have the explanation for: ‘why are beach chairs so low to the ground?’ So, if you are big and would want an easy-to-access, comfortable, and stable chair, you have three fantastic options above.

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