Best Low to the Ground Beach Chairs For Beach Fun!

What benefits do you gain with low to the ground beach chairs? As regular beachgoers, a chair like this one is a massive tool for your beach adventure.

The low profile depicted by this chair provides an added level of comfort. For instance, it is just above the ground to let you enjoy a sand spa (for legs) in your normal sitting position.

And water can cool up your legs thanks to the offshore currents breaking at your feet with gentle velocity.

By design, these chairs rise from the ground only a few inches. That’s about 12 inches from the sand, although some designs can rise higher than this up to 23 inches, for taller guys.

Either way, they are lightweight, portable, and comfortable for your seating. In terms of weight capacity, most of these chairs are constructed to accommodate about 250 lbs.

Why are Beach Chairs So Low to the Ground?

Here are some of the reasons why the beach chairs are low to the ground:

  1. For Increased Sturdiness And Stability

A low to ground chair is obviously going to be stable when seated on. And it is also sturdy.

What this means is that you won’t be tripping at any moment. But rather, once seated in it, you can comfortably stretch out your feet fully and enjoy the sand and water.

  1. To Provide More Comfort

Unless you have medical issues with your muscles, joints or you are a taller individual, these chairs have tons of comfort to provide.

If you are one of the people who love the classic beach experience – where you must lie in the sand for relaxation and comfort – the low to the ground chairs are the go-to solution.

  1. To Cater To The Small People Community

If your stature is small, only a chair that sits closer to the ground can meet your seating needs effectively.

  1. For Easy Portability

Chairs in this category are also lightweight. Thus, easy to transport from one point to another.

If this chair comes with a folding feature, it is even better. This is because as it packs into a compact size, storage becomes effortless.

Low to the Ground Beach Chairs Reviewed.

1.   KingCamp Low Sling Beach Folding Chair, Low and High Mesh Back

KingCamp Low Sling Beach Folding Chair is one of the best designs of beach chairs low to ground. Rising just about 8 inches above the ground, it presents itself as a true to type low-profile chair fit for beach use.

Into the design, the build features a steel frame with a weight of 6.6 lbs. This means that carrying this chair is not going to cause any type of situation.

Steel is durable and makes for long-lasting performance. Talking about material quality, the KingCamp Low Sling gives you a seat and back crafted from breathable and comfortable mesh.

This not only offers a seating area but also allows ventilation while you sit in the chair. More comfort is extracted from the wide seat that comes along.

Further to this advantage, it is a folding chair and can set up in seconds. You also need a few seconds to close it for storage.

The Low Sling boasts four stable legs that are sufficiently capped. So it means that you don’t need to get worried about falling.

If you are 300 lbs. or less, this chair may be your ultimate pick. This capacity means that even heavy-duty people can find it useful on their day at the beach.

Coming in a plethora of rosy color shades, the chair won’t disappoint you in terms of options. This variety is also accessorized thanks to the cup holder that brings your favorite beverage closer to your hand.

You also get solid armrests with comfortable padding. So you are assured of great comfort as you sit inside this chair. KingCamp Low Sling Beach Camping Folding Chair with Mesh Back (Cyan)

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  • Portable design
  • Folds compactly
  • Durable
  • Low gravity


  • Sits low to the ground
  • Doesn’t fold completely compact

Overall, this is a very good low profile beach chair. It is comfortable and sturdy with great gravity and portability.

2.   Rio Beach 4-Position Lace-Up Backpack Folding Beach Chair

If you are looking for a low-profile chair with a touch of style and great function, the RIO Beach 4-Position Lace-Up is top of the pile. The chair is sleek and boasts a modern design.

The key defining feature of this beach chair is the 4-position reclines. The reclining functionality allows you to sit in four different positions, providing excellent comfort and relaxation that any beachgoer would love to have while at the beach.

The chair is built on an aluminum frame; being lightweight, aluminum is also strong and very durable thanks to the rust-proof properties. Thus, you have a chair that delivers the right performance. When it comes to longevity, it does well.

While the chair is not the most lightweight on this list, at 8 lbs., you are never going to find it burdensome. Yet, it holds up to 240 lbs. for its maximum weight capacity.

The material used on the seat and back is a high-quality 600D polyester fabric. It is breathable and does support weight quite comfortably.

You get a flexible suspension design (the lace-up design) which is able to conform to the body. From the ground, the beach chair rises 11 inches.

The RIO Beach 4-Position Lace-Up chair comes with very stable armrests and they are wide enough for the comfortable resting of your elbows.

You have additional accessories for increased comfort. There is a removable pillow to rest your neck on. You also have a cup holder for holding your drinks to you. RIO Gear 4-Position Lace-Up Backpack Folding Chair - Blue

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  • Beautiful design
  • Reclines
  • Easy to store and carry


  • Small weight capacity

Overall, this low to the ground chair is a very great pick. It boasts a unique functionality thanks to the 4 reclines it offers.

3.   Nice C Low Beach Folding Chair with Cup Holder

Nice C Low Beach Folding Chair is a versatile chair that comes with massive comfort, despite its low-profile footprint. The chair’s design combines an industry-grade heavy-duty steel frame and a mold-free, waterproof fabric to deliver high-quality performance and durability.

Although the frame is lightweight, take nothing away from its strength and ability to support huge amounts of weight. In addition, it boasts anti-corrosion properties hence it puts in long-lasting performance.

For that reason, this is one of the low to the ground beach chairs that accommodates maximum weight up to 300 lbs. And itself weighs in around 6 lbs.

Together with the folding design, the Nice C comes along as a wonderful option if you want a highly portable chair to carry to the beach. It folds compactly into a small size and there is a carrying bag included to help with storage and transportation.

Plus, the fabric used on the seat and back not only offers comfort but also longevity. Furthermore, the mesh fabric on the back delivers great ventilation.

To ensure that you sit comfortably and enjoy your time in this chair, it also features a wide seat. The backrest offers enough support for your back.

Last but not least, the chair integrates a variety of features. For instance, there is a universal cup holder that can hold your drinks in both bottles and cups. Nice C Low Beach Camping Folding Chair, Ultralight Backpacking Chair with Cup Holder & Carry Bag Compact & Heavy Duty Outdoor, Camping, BBQ, Beach, Travel, Picnic, Festival (2 Pack of Blue)

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  • Well ventilated
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Pleasant fabric


  • Only three colors to choose from

Overall, this is a great low folding chair with a lightweight and portable design. It is very breathable thanks to the mesh material on the seat and back.

4.   Coleman Low Profile Beach Chair

Coleman Beach Chair is one of the few that has attracted hundreds of positive reviews and ratings by many buyers on Amazon. And it easy to see why: the chair, while it’s cheap, delivers excellent performance.

It doesn’t have the recline function. But it allows for a little leaning backward giving you the comfort only you can get from a recliner.

The chair is built on a steel footprint. This means it is a durable chair with great strength to support your weight just securely and comfortably.

It can hold a maximum weight of 250 lbs. although the chair itself weighs in at 5.3 lbs. For people with smaller statures, this capacity is just what ticks your box in this area.

But the fact it weighs just about 5 lbs. makes it a proper lightweight beach chair. Simply fold it away and throw it in its carry bag for transportation and use elsewhere.

The back is slanted just in the perfect angle to take your weight and offer you comfort. The seat is 21 inches wide to provide a spacious area for your lounging needs.

You get the cup holder to keep your favorite drink closer to you. While the seatback pocket is another essential accessory and it allows you to store away your important personal items for convenience. Coleman Camping Chair | Lightweight Utopia Breeze Beach Chair | Outdoor Chair with Low Profile

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  • Strong and durable
  • Versatile
  • Very comfortable
  • Cheap


  • The cup holder is not up to the standard
  • Not well made

Overall, the Coleman Beach Chair is a versatile option that works best for small-sized guys.

5.   STRONGBACK Low Gravity Beach Chair Heavy Duty

The STRONGBACK Low Gravity Beach Chair displays a heavy-duty footprint. The chair is ergonomically designed to support and align your body in the seat for outstanding comfort.

The frame comes from heavy-duty steel metal which is powder-coated to enhance its durability and strength. The four large legs equipped on the chair have large caps on the bottom for increased stability – and also prevents the chair from easily sinking in the mud or sand.

Of the low seat beach chairs, this one boasts arguably the lowest ground clearance. That is, the seat is only about 4 inches above the ground.

Because this is a heavy-duty chair, it can hold the weight up to 300 lbs. without a fuss. Even so, the chair is only 8.5 lbs. hence it’s lightweight and easy to carry once you store it in the included carry bag.

The fabric featured on the chair is a 600D high-quality polyester fabric that is capable of standing the test of time. STRONGBACK Low Gravity Beach Chair Heavy Duty Portable Camping and Lounge Travel Outdoor Seat with Built-in Lumbar Support, Lime Green, 2.0 (New for 2019)

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  • Durable
  • Ergonomic chair
  • Versatile


  • Smaller cup holder
  • No head or neck support

Overall, this is a better chair than many thanks to the comfort and great functionality the chair offers.

Buying Guide for the Best Low to the Ground Beach Chairs.

  • Height from the ground

You need to ensure that the height from the ground is low enough for your comfort. Most of these low to the ground chairs are designed to stand between 7-23 inches.

And the height purely depends on what your preference is although your size matters a lot.

  • Size or Dimensions

Be sure to consider the general measurements of the chair. You should measure the size or area of the seat and backrest.

This gives you somewhere to start making accurate estimations on what size is suitable for you. Just don’t buy a very small chair that will soon be useless.

  • Weight capacity

The amount of weight that can be supported by the low ground chair is a paramount tip to put into consideration. Ensure that you match your weight with what is indicated as the maximum capacity of the chair.

  • Weight of the chair

Go for lightweight designs that are easy to store and transport. The good news is, however, that most of these chairs also come with compact, lightweight footprints.

This means that they can easily be packed for transportation.

Wrap Up

Low to the ground chairs will obviously complete your adventurous day at the beach. However, the problem is, choosing the right or the best one is not that easy.

Until you consider some of the factors mentioned in the buying guide, finding the pin-point model is well but botched. Luckily, on top of that, I have actually discussed five different chair models you can work with as you enjoy the sand and water.

Take your time and you’ll definitely come to find yours.

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