A Detailed Guide To High Off The Ground Beach Chairs.

High off the ground beach chairs are one of the best places to kickback and catch your breath after or in between the thrilling beach fun games.High Off The Ground Beach Chairs

You could be splashing in the beach water, or running along the shores, or even playing beach volleyball in the warm sand.

Whatever it is, you will find beach chairs that sit high off the ground comfy and soothing when it’s time to take a break.

You can even use it to bask as you enjoy your favorite read or music as you relax on a big and tall beach chair.

What’s A High Beach Chair?

A high beach chair is a seat that sits at least 12 inches off the ground for easier in and out access.

The height plus some advanced features, for example, multiple seating positions ensure that tall beach chairs are super comfortable.

Additionally, high sitting beach chairs are meant to be full of fun making them ideal for a mind-blowing time not only in the beach, pool, parks, or your backyard.

This is why you should invest in a high beach chair

The best beach chairs bring comfort, simplicity, and plenty of helpful features that make spending a day out simple and easy.

  • Super comfortable

Because of the excess angle to bed your knee, high sitting beach chairs are so comfortable.

The models which feature multiple recline positions, backrests, and footrest, provide the ultimate seating pleasure.

  • The add to the fun

Accessories like the drink holder, phone holder, and storage zipper pouches enable you to carry essential stuff like a phone or your beloved drink.

So you can enjoy more fun with a drink or book as you rewind.

  • High Beach Chairs are versatile

These chairs wholesome construction makes them ideal for numerous outdoor events. They are the go-to chairs for concertgoers, campers, backpackers, hikers, adventurers, tailgaters, and practically anyone looking for a good time.

Here Are The Different Variations Of High Seat Beach Chairs

1.      Heavy Duty High Seat Beach Chairs

These high seat beach chairs are built to outlast typical high beach chairs. They have extra-large seats, a robust frame, and stronger durable fabric.

You will also notice their reinforced stitching and sturdier armrests. They can, therefore, withstand pressure and resist wear and tear from challenging weather conditions.

Personally, I like sipping a drink as I watch the waves, so I am always biased towards heavy duty beach chairs with a cup holder.

A good example is the Big Jumbo Heavy Duty 500 lbs Beach Chair for Big and Tall by far one of the best 42 inches high beach Big Jumbo Heavy Duty 500 lbs XL Aluminum Beach Chair for Big & Tall

2.      Backpack Beach Chairs

Backpack high beach chairs are among the most innovative beach chairs.

They have hefty straps on their back so they quickly morph into smart backpacks.

The straps are typically padded and deliver ultimate user comfort.

This is an amazing chair if your hand needs to carry other essentials to the beach.

In addition, these types of high off the ground beach chairs are lightweight for your journey, only weighing a few pounds per chair.

I don’t know your favorite but for me, the Rio Beach Big Backpack Chair has always won it.

It seats 13- inches off the surface and features a massive 22-inch seat, a restful backrest to support my larger body, and the biggest of them all- the 4-position recline !

Rio Beach Big Boy Folding 13 Inch High Seat Backpack Beach or Camping Chair

3.      High Beach Chairs With Canopy

So, how do you keep the sun’s punitive rays from reaching your sensitive face?

You simply invest in a high off the ground beach chair with an integrated beach canopy.

These chairs are typically lightweight, cozy, and will shield you from the harmful sun rays.

Take note that most of the contemporary beach chairs come with this class of protection.

It took me a while to get convinced but then when it won me, I have always been a loyal believer in this chair. I am talking about the terrific Sport-Brella Recliner Chair.

The chair is about 17-inches from the ground while the removable 3-swivel umbrella works overtime to keep protected against hurting sun.

I especially love that you can easily attach the canopy to either side helping to provide shade regardless of whether you’re sitting in the backyard or taking a nap as the ocean waters hum a lullaby. Sport-Brella 3-Position Recliner Chair with Removable Umbrella and Footrest, FireBrick Red

4.     High Beach Chairs With Footrest And Headrest

You will also meet high beach chairs with headrests and footrests. These beach chairs are awesome if you have an ailing back especially if the chair has ample back support and the added advantage of a sublime footrest.

However, it’s not only a bad back that will make you choose a headrest. Practically anyone feels more pleasant with some extra support behind the head and multi-position reclining footrest.

One of the leading brands in the space for beach chairs with a footrest and headrest is Rio and I stumbled on a fantastic option in the Rio beach face high seat beach lounger.

14-inches high and with a 31-inch backrest, this chair’s removable memory foam headrest pampers your back while its adjustable, multi-position footrest cushions and adds the much needed extra support. Rio Beach Face Opening Sunbed High Seat Beach Chair & Lounger, Blue

5.      High Folding Beach Chairs

These high off the ground beach chair fold up compact and packs easily into your car trunk.

Almost all come with a handy storage bag and shoulder straps so carrying them is a breeze.

Even their poles fold easily for an easier setup and dismounting experience.

Additionally, certain models like the Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler have a fully cushioned seat and back support which is excellent if you have back problems.

Equally important is the fact that they still deliver full seating support meaning you can kick back as usual and savor a sunset. Coleman Portable Quad Camping Chair with Cooler

6.      High Beach Chairs For Heavy People

All heavy man high beach chairs including the oversized copa beach chair are made of durable materials and feature a superiorly padded back/seat.

Those that use fabric material go for the breathable type allowing you to relax without getting sweaty.

As a matter of fact, the natural construction of these spacious beach chairs allows you- in most cases- to recline even fully.

To further strengthen them, they can have additional straps on the bottoms to prevent tearing. This results in a tough beach chair that can hold up to 500 lbs.

If you would like to see what the market offers apart from the Copa high seat beach chair for heavy people, you can check this link for more options on amazon. Copa Big Papa 17 inch Hi-Seat Heavy Duty Beach Chair - Tropicana Stripe

Factors To Consider When Buying One Of The Best High Off The Ground Beach Chairs.

When looking into high off the ground beach chairs, several factors come to mind. Let’s take a moment to go through them;

  • Armrest.

I prefer wider arms. Plus, where possible, wooden arms since they don’t get hot as to burn my skin when the sun shines.

Also, smooth arms (without grooves) are great since they don’t leave marks on your arms.

  • Extras

Some big tall beach chairs come with cool convenient features such as a cup holder, mobile phone holder, storage pouches, neck rests, canopies, and more.

You will enjoy high sitting beach chairs with such additions because of the extra convenience.

  • Ground Clearance/ Height

A beach seat which sits higher is easier to get in/out of.  It also puts minimal stress on your knees when sitting.

The height among different tall folding beach chairs varies so you need to have an idea of the level at which you usually feel comfortable.

  • The Front Design Of The Seat. 

The innocent little aluminum or wooden tube holding the seat’s canvas in place can become an annoying source of discomfort for the concerned chairs.

I would rather high back beach chairs where the canvas comes stretched side to side as my legs are spared the agony of resting on a rough cylinder.

After all, the logic behind cool beach chairs is the comfort.

  • High Back Or Low Back?

High back beach chairs are super comfortable but in some instances, the extra height (and weight), can interfere with your convenience angle.

Well, this one is a hard decision and I better leave it to you to decide. For me, I will take convenience over comfort.

But again, you may get a high back beach chair that doesn’t mess with the angle.

  • Material

Beach chairs can be made of from plastic, wood, fabric or mesh. Heavier people get more support from metal or wood beach chairs though a bit expensive. Such sturdy high beach chairs are also the most durable.

If you’re holidaying enjoying soft breezes, plastic high off the ground beach chairs will do just fine not to mention that they’re quite affordable.

Plus, most plastic chairs fold up so they’re easier to carry and store. 

If you go for fabric, ensure that it’s breathable and waterproof.

  • Adjustable Reclining Positions

The best beach chair may offer between two to seven different reclining positions. Some designs even provide a full recline allowing you to stretch out to get a sweet afternoon nap along the coastline.

  • How portable is it?

Some high off the ground beach chairs are quite bulky.

To carry your 18 inch high beach chair easily, look for a beach chair that comes with straps attached.

Final Thoughts

The best high off the ground beach chairs are not like any other beach chairs. They are extremely comfortable and are packed full of beneficial features making your days out on the beach more pleasing.

You will find the options in the market fun but you’ll need to spend some time evaluating the chair that will best serve your needs.