Best Sand Proof Beach Blanket For Ultimate Comfort.

Little by little, your love for the beachside fun could extrapolate into something else – a lifestyle. At this level, you should already know about loads of must-have gear and accessories, for a smooth stay at the beach.

One such important accessory is the sand proof beach blanket. This blanket is not the regular type you may have come to know about.

It’s designed in order to afford beachgoers the ultimate comfort. Furthermore, it is sewn with properties that make it extremely resistant to the beach elements.

The beach blanket is very durable. And like the name already suggests, it is Sandproof, waterproof but better yet, most of these blankets are lightweight and breathable for convenience and comfort.

With that being said, in this guide, I took several hours of research perusing through the web pages to make a unique collection of the very best sand proof beach blankets you can get in the market.

I am pretty sure you’d love some very informative place to refer to. And this guide is that place – it’s packed with everything you need to know about these blankets.

Welcome aboard!

Why Do You Need the Best Sand proof Beach Blanket?

Because you are going to the beach regularly, you’d love to have a reliable outfit to lay on, right? That’s every beach buff’s wish.

There are so many reasons for hauling a great Sand proof beach blanket along. Here’s some of them in a quick round-up.

  • For A Sandless Beach Experience

The blanket is not the ordinary type you know – this is clear to you already. Therefore, the blanket doesn’t allow particles of sand, dirt, or dust to seep up from underneath.

Even more, any sand on the surface of the blanket shouldn’t bother you. This is because the design allows sand particles to easily go through.

  • Sandproof Beach Blankets Are Waterproof

The best sand free beach blanket is also one that’s waterproof. It should repel or wick away water so that it doesn’t get damp.

Dampness is not going to make you any better while enjoying your time at the beach. So, true beach blankets will avoid absorbent material but rather incorporate a waterproof layer in the construction.

  • Beach Blankets Are Durable

Another benefit of buying a beach blanket is due to its durability. Many of these blankets have been constructed to stick around for a long period of time, thanks to the high-quality material used to make them.

With the fast wear and tear conditions of the beach, you don’t expect any much resistance from a simple, ordinary blanket. The elements at the beach can be very degenerating so that if cheap materials are used for its construction, it’s bound to collapse sooner than later.

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Best Sand proof Beach Blanket Reviewed.

1.   CGEAR The Original Sand Free Beach Mat

Before the CGEAR The Original Sand Beach Mat was introduced into the civilian market, the model was allowed for use by only the military department in their drones and helicopters to prevent dirt, dust, and debris from rising through when the aircraft was landing. The blanket is designed with really thick weaves that readily drop off sand through the fabric.

But there’s no way for the same particles to seep back up. Which means that your outfit remains in perfect conditions with no worry it would get dirtied quite soon.

Given its roots, the CGEAR The Original is a very durable blanket. On top of that, it boasts a versatile functionality – use it for backpacking, camping, Rving, or just in your backyard to relax and have some fresh breath.

The sand free beach blanket versatility is so broad that you can use it as a shade. It comes with a 90% UV rating meaning its shade could protect you just fine.

Moreover, it is a great windbreak when all goes hay way with strong blowing winds.

The robust military-grade construction also combines with great water-resistance, and a mold-free fabric to deliver a durable product. In addition, the material doesn’t fade away that easily while it allows for easy washing by hand or machine and fast drying.

The seams on the blanket are rugged and you will also observe double-reinforced heavy-duty corner D rings. These properties make this blanket easy to handle and safe to launch even when the wind is strongly blowing.

Laying on this blanket is pleasant courtesy of the soft weave of the blanket. CGEAR The Original Sand-Free Outdoor Camping Mat - Patented Technology, Water-Resistant and Anti-Fade Material, Military-Grade Construction - Multi Use Outdoor Blanket

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  • Military-grade construction
  • Great UV rays protection
  • Great size
  • Versatile


  • A bit heavy-duty

Overall, this beach blanket is a perfect choice if your best beach blanket must be extremely versatile.

2.   WildHorn Outfitters Sand Escape Beach Blanket

The WildHorn Outfitters Sand Escape comes as a thin blanket by design. The Sand Escape is constructed from parachute nylon so it’s lightweight but also durable and great at resisting wear and tear.

From the word go, this is not a cloth blanket so you may expect a bit of discomfort due to the pulling of your skin. And also, when the sun strikes, you may not love the hot surface.

The blanket is very spacious when deployed – it spreads at 7×9 feet – giving a lot of area for a group to make use of. Then when it comes to its packaging, it packs compact going down into a 6×7 inches footprint.

Drop this small footprint in the included carrying tote. Into the design, there are built-in corner pockets.

These pockets appear on the four sides of the blanket. Keep your useful personal items in one of them and convert the rest into additional anchors to help keep your blanket into place even in the event of very strong winds.

This Sandproof beach blanket is very easy to wash. Make sure to air-dry it as instructed by the manufacturer for the best results possible.

Coming in six different color shades, the blanket presents you with a wide pool of options to make a suitable pick. sand proof beach blanket- WildHorn Outfitters Sand Escape Beach Blanket. Compact Outdoor Beach Mat Made from Strong Parachute Nylon. Large 7' x 9' Size. Includes Built in Sand Anchors & Zippered Valuables Pocket.

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  • Durable
  • Easy to wash by hand or machine
  • Cheap


  • The nylon can feel uncomfortable on your skin
  • Can get really hot

Overall, this beach blanket is worth your investment if you are on a strict budget. All thanks to its low price.

3.   BEARZ Outdoor Waterproof Beach Blanket

The BEARZ Outdoor Waterproof Beach Blanket packs plenty of features that will leave you enthused while on the beach. First, the blanket is designed with a completely lightweight polyester footprint to make for easy carrying and transportation.

The fact that blanket folds into an extremely small size make it a desirable option among many users. Plus, the design also offers a wide-ranging versatile functionality – from being used in picnics, as a beach mat, or ground cover to being a reliable rainfly or tarp – the blanket simply rolls many functions into one little accessory.

The blanket’s size isn’t that small. Coming with 60×55 inches, this sand resistant beach blanket has enough space for two people although four can still feel at home on it.

It boasts a waterproof and yet durable polyester fabric. You will find it in about 6 different colors that suit any beach environment.

There are corner loops that become handy when laying the mat into place. The loops will prove their importance when there’s too much wind and you need to keep the blanket from being swept away.

You also have the pockets on each corner. These provide you with on the go storage spaces for your personal items like phones, books, etc. BEARZ Outdoor Beach Blanket, Waterproof Picnic Blanket 55″x60″ - Lightweight Camping Tarp, Compact Pocket Blanket, Festival Gear, Sand Proof Mat for Travel, Hiking, Sports - Packable w/Bag (Blue)

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  • Durable polyester fabric
  • Extremely versatile
  • Very affordable


  • It is thinner
  • Just good for two people

Overall, Bearz Outdoor Beach Blanket is perfect for people looking for a very compact and cheap blanket for beach use.

4.   Wekapo Sand Free Beach Blanket, Extra Large Oversized

Wekapo Sand Free Beach Blanket can accommodate up to seven people without a fuss. This is why the beach blanket measures a whopping 10×9 feet when deployed fully.

The design features a nylon fabric that will deliver durable performances over seasons to come. To make it a strong option for you, the nylon is triple-stitched, Sandproof and easy to clean.

Onto the four corners of the blanket, there are four large corner pockets. These have two different functions; either fill them up with sand to hold the blanket in times of storms or keep your items in there for easy reach.

You also have four loops that will take up stakes. The blanket is very versatile as you can readily use it for events and places far from the beach.

Once you are done using, simply fold back the blanket. It folds very compactly into a 6×7 inch size that’s easy and fast to pack in carrying bag that comes along. Wekapo Sand Proof Beach Blanket (Blue)

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  • Very convenient
  • Large-sized
  • Can withstand windy conditions
  • Folds compactly


  • Thin

Overall, a good option if you are looking for oversized beach blankets that can take care of a larger group of people.

5.   WELLAX Sand Free Beach Blanket

Another extra-large beach blanket is this WELLAX Sandfree Beach Blanket that measures 10×9 feet in size. The unit is perfect for a family or a large group of people.

It boasts a premium-grade parachute nylon construction for its design. This type of nylon is not only breathable for your comfort but also puts in an excellent performance it whatever circumstances the blanket is going to be used.

As expected of many blankets of this kind, WELLAX Sandfree Beach Blanket also delivers great versatility, becoming handy in picnics, travels, beach events, and more.

The unit folds into a very compact size. From 10×9 feet to 4×8 inches. This, coupled with the extremely low weight (16 oz.) makes it extremely lightweight and very portable.

Moreover, the blanket is easy to wash and waterproof. WELLAX Outdoor Camping Blanket - Huge 9' x 10' for 7 Adults - Best Mat for Picnic, Camping, Hiking and Music Festivals (White with Blue)

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  • Large size
  • Easy to clean
  • Breathable
  • Waterproof case


  • Metal stakes are reported not tow work perfectly

Overall, a great buy if you want a big-sized option of beach blankets.

Buying Guide for the Best Sand proof Beach Blanket.

Look for the following aspects and features when buying the best Sandproof beach blanket for your next beach trip.

  • Waterproof and Sandproof

Be sure to buy a unit that would wick away water and keep off sand from its surface. Two things you won’t need to interfere with your beach stay; sand and water.

You need to ensure that the design features a proper waterproof layer and a weave that keeps sand checked all times.

  • Comfort

Comfort is king everywhere. In addition to being waterproof, a sand beach blanket should also deliver a comfortable experience to you at the beach.

It should come with reasonable thickness to support your build just well. You won’t love hitting your frame against pebbles and rocks.

  • Size and Weight

Look for the right size that can accommodate the number of people you have in mind. It shouldn’t be too small to hold everybody comfortably – that’s if you are not alone.

Plus, it is supposed to lightweight and portable for ease of carrying. Remember you will need it for use in different places and circumstances.

  • Fabric Material

There is a whole range of fabrics from which these blankets may be constructed. From nylon to polyester, to fleece, and microfiber, the list is long.

Even with these diverse materials, ensure first, they are top quality and thus don’t allow sand to stick around. They should be durable as well.

In Conclusion

The best sand proof beach blanket equals to the best experience at the beach. That’s how it goes.

Fortunately, it begins with the choice you make. And I have already assembled a review guide here for your easy perusal and decision making.

So there is no headache of starting from scratch. Keep in mind that the best beach blanket must have a high-quality fabric, should meet your space demand, and should deliver great comfort.

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