Best Medium Sized Cooler For Beach and Outdoor Fun.

Are there best medium sized cooler that you can take to the beach?

Hey, weekend is knocking…but are you camping back at the site this time? Fine, l know last time you were quite upset by the melted ice creams, dull snacks, and hot beverages. Of course, you want to rock high this time. But?

How will you make it?

Aha! Snuggle up because, I want to share with you four of the best medium sized coolers you can consider to keep your lunch fresh and drinks icy.

You’ll thank me later.

I’ll first take you through my small personal cooler buying guide, and then, I will walk you through my small coolers explaining why you need to make one your own.

What Is a Medium Sized Cooler Or a Small Cooler?

A small/personal cooler is a container that can hold your lunch and a few food related items usually beverages in their normal temperatures no matter how hot is the weather.

Types of Medium Sized Coolers.

There are many types of small coolers to pick from. But these three are the top rated;

I. Fabric coolers

These are shaped like a bag and they’re the lightest types you can find in the market

II. Ice chests

These are much heavier than fabric coolers and are ideal for partying.

III. Wheeled coolers

These are best for the beach as they can carry more weight than you could carry by hand.

Best Coolers For The Money That are Medium Sized.

1. Wagan 12V Cooler/Warmer – 24L Cap.

Getting thirsty or hungry when driving is very common to most of us, but here comes the best medium sized cooler for you if you’re are often traveling. Wagan EL6224 24 Liter Electric Car Cooler and Warmer

  • It’s convenient enough so your food, beverages, and snacks will keep cool or warm while on the go.
  • You will like its magic operation, this small ice chest cooler lives to its name to keep your food and beverages cool without the messy ice.
  • Ooh did I say just cool? Fine you can also keep them warm either. It comes with a built-in fan to make sure you show up for partying with your beverages at the right temperatures.
  • It’s large enough (24-liter capacity) to accommodate your family entire menu. Its large size makes it ideal for family road trips. You can’t go short of your drinks with this machine in your car.
  • With this best small cooler, you may even forget you are not in your house.
  • Comes with a heavy duty and ergonomic handle, so carrying your cooler/warmer becomes pretty easy.  Its 7.5 feet power cord ensure your cooler/warmer is accessible within arm’s reach.
  • This cooler is relatively easy to use by everyone to ensure you enjoy what you desire in the right state.
  • The hot/cold/off switch come with indicator lights to help you know which mode is in use at any time.
  • This Wagan cooler can be used anywhere (in the car, home or office etc.) and thus very convenient.
  • However, if you want to pack more for the party, you may not like this machine because it lacks external beverage holders. But it still remain one of the best small cooler for the money

2. Igloo Ice Cube Cooler (14-Can Capacity.

You can carry cold beverages, snacks and food with you anywhere (jam-packed stadium or quiet river bend) with this small igloo cooler. Igloo Ice Cube Cooler (14-Can Capacity, Ocean Blue)

  • It’s a convenient personal cooler which is also ideal for a small family road trip.
  • In its 12-quart capacity, this cooler can accommodate up to 14 cans of soda to keep you hydrated while on the go. This cooler is also a great fit for bicycle picnics.
  • It’s specifically designed with molded corner feet for optimum stability. In addition, its ergonomic design conforms to your body which makes it easy to carry around.
  • On top of this, this igloo cooler also has a rigid swing up handle that’s is comfortable to grip. It is also designed to be lightweight, so it’s easy to carry along.
  •  This cooler comes with specially designed ice cubes, which produce a superior cold retention than any lunchbox.
  • So it can be used for emergency grocery store runs to beat the mess of arriving home with melted ice creams.
  • It is one of the best coolers on the market for keeping ice. Therefore, wherever you go carry with you this small ice chest to keep your hydration cold.
  • You don’t have worry about your non-perishable goods and accessories because there is a dry compartment in the lid where you can keep them moisture free.
  • If you make daily trips to work, you may find this cooler useful, just the right size, neither too small nor too large.
  • However, if you want to pack more, then you may have to consider other coolers.

3. Stanley Adventure Cooler-Best Small Cooler.

If you are headed for your favorite camping spot this weekend, keeping your food fresh and your drinks, icy cold is something you must think of. Stanley Adventure Cooler

  • But this adventure cooler brings back the legendary performance into small portable cooler solutions to meet your toughest demands.
  • For optimal performance this cooler has a leak-resistant construction and a durable high-density polyethylene shell foam, so your least worry with this cooler will be on how it handles the bumpy rides. Cleaning this cooler is a breeze, just wash and air dry.
  • The major cause of premature melting of ice in a cooler is the open air inside, but the lid of this cooler and the body has double wall insulation than any standard cooler to help cool the inside.
  • And this means your contents will keep cold up to 36% longer. It is one of the best medium sized cooler for ice.
  • It’s convenient to carry because your water bottles and mugs are secured by the adjustable tie-down bungee system.
  • It’s actually designed with real world use in mind. And for adventurers, the flat top on this Stanley 16 quart may double as a chair.
  • Quality is a major concern for every buyer, therefore if you love warranties, this unit comes with a lifetime warranty. No wonder it’s one of the best coolers for the money.
  • The big drawback with this cooler comes in assembly because it’s done with multiple parts. Besides, the cooler cannot fit a regular 12oz bottle while standing.

4. Coleman 16-Quart Personal Wheeled Cooler.

Keep your food and drinks in the right temperatures and keep the fun going up to 2 days, with this Coleman 16-quart cooler. Coleman 16-Quart Personal Wheeled Cooler, Blue

  • This cooler is not that big that it’s a hassle to carry. However, it is large enough, to hold up to 22 cans of soda so you’ll have plenty of space for your refreshments and anything you want to keep out the heat during camping.
  • This Coleman cooler come with recessed wheels, therefore, hauling it just another breeze, these wheels makes it a great the cooler for camping and other outdoor activities. You can move it smoothly even on uneven surfaces.
  • No matter where you are going small cooler with wheels will just follow you. It is designed to be light something that makes it easy to move after a long day.
  • When looking for a medium sized cooler you cannot ignore this cooler.
  • About convenience, it’s not done without talking about its convenient and telescoping handle. This handle allows for easy pulling and comfortable storage. In addition, the handle is extendable and folds out safely when not in use.
  • This lightweight cooler is sturdy, and this makes it ideal for outdoor activities thanks to its hard polypropylene sides which can resist dents and wear on uneven surfaces. It’s one of the best medium sized cooler for the beach.
  • Its hinged top stays in its place keeping the air inside the cooler, and it saves you the hassle and time looking for misplaced lids. It has a tall profile to minimize the footprint, and this gives you more space to pack more stuff.
  • This Coleman cooler includes everything you might need to keep things cold while on the go. The Coleman 16-quart tops in the best picnic cooler lists.

Buying Guide For The Best Medium Sized Cooler / Small Coolers

When going for a short trip, a small ice cooler is something you wouldn’t like to forget especially if you have some items and a few meals you would want to keep cold for some hours.

But because the market offer so much different yet similar coolers, choosing the right one for the task can be a challenge.

This guide will help you settle for the best personal cooler for you. Always consider the following;

  • Clean Up – How Easy Is It To Clean Your Cooler?

The ease of cleaning the unit should feature at the top of your checklist.

Often than not, your drinks will spill out of their containers, or you might use the cooler for an extended time and find that smells remain in the cooler.

Check whether the material making the cooler is easy to clean to save your time while out there.

  • Purpose – How Do You Want To Use Your Small Ice Cooler?

Consider what you intend to carry with your cooler here.

Different types of coolers have been designed for different uses. There are those designed to replace a lunch box, and there are those designed to hold just a few drinks.

  • Convenience – You Want Ease In Portability?

Not all times you’ll be walking on even surfaces so you need a cooler that will give you comfort no matter the terrain.

Consider the handles and make sure they are ergonomic, foldable and easy to hold. Extendable handles are even better to suit your height. Small wheeled cooler are best.

  • How are the Seals, Latches, and Lids?

Choose one with good seals around the lids to keep your contents cold. Also, ensure that latches and lids are easy to open and close.

Durability, the exterior material should matter to you to determine whether it will be able to handle bumps and drops.

  • Price – What is your budget?

Price is one of the things that most shoppers will pay attention to.

Yes, we say you get what you pay for, but this does not mean there are no great coolers at fair prices.

Let your budget drive you especially when you are on budget but if you can throw more dollars on its Ok provided, you get the best cooler.

Other things to consider include insulation, hinges, and size.

So, what is the best cooler that will suit your needs?


To this far you’ve learnt a lot about small coolers and why you need to have one when you are on the go this weekend.

As stated earlier, the choice of your small cooler is entirely up to you but with the guide at the beginning of this post as a reference, you can never go wrong in the process.

As long as you start with a little evaluation why you need one, then I believe you are ready to go for the best medium sized cooler for you.

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