Best Beach Shoes to Keep Sand Out.

A guide to the best beach shoes to keep sand out: Beach walking is special and thrilling. You can go the distance on the shore and you don’t just get tired because the blue waters and skies, the caves and cliffs, are the sight to behold. Women's Bohemian Beaded Summer Flat T-Strap Thong Sandals, Beige Open Toe Glitter Rhinestone Shiny Candy Colored Beads Shoes for Dressy Casual Jeans Daily Wear and Beach Vacation Amazon Choice Holiday

But I came to appreciate the need for being in possession of the best beach shoes to keep sand out. You know the irritation of sand squeezing for space between feet and shoes (if you had the wrong shoe type).

That’s the type of shoes I was wearing on that day. This could be two times worse than being stroked by the harsh rays of the sun in the face.

And then I tried hitting the patch of sand barefoot. It was just too hot for my sorry feet, a case of jumping from the pan into the fire itself.

That aside, I decided to pack this post with useful info about the best sandshoes. If you feel this is where you need to be, stick around and I will show you how to find the perfect ones.

What are Beach Shoes for Sand

Beach shoes for sand are walking shoes that come with a mesh upper while they have a hard sole. These shoes are also referred to as water footwear and they prevent the feet from becoming wet.

They are the best option to wear when walking on the hot sand of the beach. They also enable the user to navigate the sharp rocks on the shore and walk through the shells of dead sea snails.

Although you wade in the water, the shoes let you enjoy the experience while keeping water out of the reach. And you won’t damage them either.

The design of these shoes may feature some tiny holes on the sides or bottom of the sole. The intention behind is to be able to drain water quickly so that your feet dry up fast.

Beach shoes for sand are not worn with socks. It doesn’t add up due to the wet environment you’re gonna be encountering.

Here is Why You Need the Best Beach Shoes to Keep Sand Out.

Beach walking shoes pack a punch for dedicated beachgoers. You know that it’s nearly impossible nowadays to enjoy the shores without these footwear.

First, for your safety, you need the sandshoes. The excitement of the beach coupled with the activities and sports you’re going to take part in can carry you away.

But you will need the best shoes to be at absolute peace. Otherwise, you risk being a victim of the sharp hard rocks, and the pointy little shells.

The beach shoes for sand are curved out with hard thick soles that are great for traction of the slippery beach surfaces like ocean rocks. This, therefore, gives you a comfortable wear experience as you traverse the beach or the offshores.

The shoes are also great for enhanced breathability. The mesh upper is ideal for proper air circulation and this helps cool your feet.

The mesh also keeps water checked as it flows freely when the shoes are submerged. They are well-drained and also provide your feet with insulation for the warmth.

While sporting in the water, you may need the shoes with increased heel cushioning. This will make sailing, boating among other activities that require too much standing a joy.

Another characteristic of beach footwear is that they are lightweight. These shoes are not like you are having two anchors stuck under your feet.

Just a bit of comparing: the ordinary non-water shoes can be stones when waterlogged. You can barely make a step.

This is not the case with the shoes under discussion here. They are such versatile that they can be used while submerged or on the dry surface.

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Different Types of Beach Shoes

1.   Beach Shoes for Men

This type of beach shoe is ideal for doing long walks on the beach, play volleyball on the beach and are perfect to be worn along water socks.

The sturdy construction and the added support are great for safety at the beach.

I found out this Merrell Men’s All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe to be an interesting catch altogether. The shoe is designed in the sense that it tackles the dynamism of the terrain with the efficiency expected.

Whether you want to hit the wet shores or the hot sand patches, this neoprene, and leather-finished shoe is a sensation. It repels water and takes just a bit of time to dry out.

To ensure that there’s excellent airflow, the shoes have been poked with essential open heel and holes on the upper. The synthetic outer sole is hard and ideal for the rocky beach.

You will be swimming in comfort due to the UniFly midsole that comes with the proper cushioning. Merrell Men's All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe

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2.   Beach Shoes for Women

Women like lightweight designs, coming with a taste of uniqueness in terms of some added color or brightness. Talking about style, this ALEADER Women’s Water Hiking Shoe is not only the gem in the rough, but it’s a staple for exploring the unending summer activities and sportiness.

The shoe is the lace-up type which means that you are under full protection. They are highly breathable, lightweight and provide great support and stability as you walk on the seaside.

You will be impressed with the mesh upper which comes as with moisture-wicking properties and also enables movement of air in the shoe for breathing, bacteria suppression, and added comfort.

Looking at the shock-absorbing midsole, be guaranteed that you will go the distance because arch-support is also adequate. While the wet beach surfaces, especially in the morning hours, can be tricky to navigate with normal shoes, this pair has the perfect grip and the needed protection such that you would even submerge in water. ALEADER Women's Water Hiking Shoe, Breathable, Wet-Traction Grip

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3.   Beach Shoes for Toddlers

In the unforgiving beach environment, toddlers need the best shoes for walking on hot sand. These shoes should protect the younger ones as they engage in some of the beach’s grueling play sessions.

The shoes guard the toes and provide the kid with the confidence and freedom to explore the thrill that the beach has to offer for the day.

Have a look at this iplay Infant Toddler Unisex Water Sand and Swim Shoes. This shoe is a brighter version of the model and will keep your child’s feet under ultimate protection.

Coming with a quick-dry material fabric, the shoe can be used in water and would drain out the water almost immediately once he’s out of the ocean. On the other hand, the outer sole is non-slip and makes it quite a breeze for the kid to hit slippery ocean rocks without fearing the experience of falling.

And even more importantly, the shoes can be worn through the better part of the day. Still, they don’t cause damage to the feet. Infant Toddler Unisex Water Sand and Swim Shoes by iplay

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4.   Beach Shoes with Arch Support

The best beach shoes to keep sand out includes those with arch support. Fashion stylists and footwear buffs will tell you that good arch support for beach shoes is a much-needed feature.

Most of the times, beachgoers do not get the point here. But these beach footwear comes with a specific design that seeks to support the feet arches.

The reason why you need this type of shoes is to prevent foot injuries. A lot of weight and even the shock of the steps you make are taken up by the arches.

What this means is simple. You need beach shoes with arches support. You want to make sure that when you perform sports or any other beach activities, your feet don’t fall prey to the pressure.

The perfect recommendation is this KEEN Women’s Venice H2 Sandal which may look as if the aesthetics were not well-thought-out. But in the true sense of the logic, they come with a well-defined arch-support that provides you with stability so that you don’t slide backward or forwards in situations of steep terrain. KEEN Women's Venice H2 Sandal

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5.   Beach Shoes for Wide Feet

If you have wide-toed feet, you need the exact same cut of the shoes. It’s not always going to be easy to get wide shoes.

But here is a great pick in Crocs Men’s Swiftwater Mesh Sandal. It is a comfortable beach shoe that you will enjoy wearing the whole day without exhaustion in the feet.

It’s lightweight and durable and because of the croc design, the shoes can be used for a variety of activities. For example, after the beach, you could turn this shoe into a slip-on shoe for home use.

The lovely design is combined with the fact that it’s easy to clean and dry. Crocs Men's Swiftwater Mesh Sandal

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Important Features for the Best Beach Shoes to Keep Sand Out.

The following guide should help you to get the most comfortable beach shoes for your next trip to the beach. Here are 8 things to consider when buying;

  1. Drainage

The shoes should always allow water to exit. Because obviously water will enter and you have no control over that.

Bad shoes or rather non-water shoes should be clogged with water. And this is not kind for anyone exploring beach life.

So, avoid this mess by finding a shoe that drains away water, probably the one with a built-in drainage port in the midsole. The water should flow out freely.

  1. Breathability

Look for those beach shoes made of material fabrics that allow for free airflow. Mesh uppers do not overheat and also refresh your feet.

You need to know that breathability and drainage go hand in hand. The shoes shouldn’t be kind of trapped in an enclosure. Water and air go through the same channel.

  1. Flexibility

The other factor you want closely consider is how flexible the shoes are. For stress-free movements, the shoes need to have a certain amount of flexibility.

Feet need to flex as they move. You don’t to be rigid unless you are in for some hurt or injury on your toes or bottom of the feet.

As much as possible you need to forget about that shoe that looks like it lacks some natural movement.

  1. Durability

Durable sandshoes for beach are worth every penny you splash out. Check for the material, the craft, and even design.

The three things should guide your decisions and options. Closely examine the shoes to make sure that the material is high-quality, doesn’t tear out easily, the stitching and sole gluing should be compromised.

  1. Toe Guards

I can overemphasize the need for this enclosure on your shoes. Toe shoes enhance the safety of shoes as far as your toes are concerned.

You will be absolutely safe when you come against beach debris accidentally. Make sure that the toe guards are well defined.

  1. Nature of sole

You never want to gamble on the sole. Forget about thin, soft soles out there – ensure that you consider thicker soles, but definitely lightweight to allow for easy movements.

The soles should be tough and resist abrasion. The sole should also have a great grip on the beach surface especially on slippery rocks of the ocean.

  1. Comfort

In the wet and hot conditions of the beach, your shoes should be comfortable to put on. So breathability and proper drainage should be top of your priority list.

The mesh upper should dry pretty fast, feet should be treated to cool. They should also be a snug fit.

  1. Size and Fit

These two features are key to the comfort of the best water shoes for keeping sand out. A simple rule is to order a full-size shoe pair if you normally wear half sizes.

You need to ensure that the heel is adjustable so that it contours to the size of the feet. Walking on the beach is enjoyable when the feet remain intact in the shoe without occasional slip outs.

Bonus: What are the Best Water Shoes for Rocky Places?

Could it be that you are wondering what footwear to wear on beach with rocky surfaces? Well, I strongly recommend the Neo Sport Premium Men & Women Wetsuit Boots.

These are the only boots on the list. Wow. Yes!

And the even more good news is that they can be worn by both men and women. Coming with a puncture-resistant sole, the shoes will protect your feet just as you expect.

They are comfortable and have a well-designed footbed. And also contour to the shape of your shoes. Neo Sport Premium Neoprene Men & Women Wetsuit Boots, Shoes with puncture resistant sole 3mm, 5mm & 7mm for warm, moderate or cold water for watersports: beach, boat, lake, mud, kayak and more! Sizes 4 - 16

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In Conclusion

I have to say you will love your beach life with the best beach shoes to keep sand out. The shoes recommended in this guide should help you enjoy the warm sun, the cooling water and of course the scenic environment graced by high-rising cliffs and calm caves.

Finding the best design of shoes for the beach is not going to be easy. But I have done the dirty work already for you.

Choose your shoes today and enjoy your beach trips.

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