Best Beach Chairs | Most Comfortable Beach Chair

Beach chairs have come a long way. Nowadays, the best beach chairs are more convenient than ever beach chairs

So many of them feature drink holders, backpack straps, adjustable headrests, and lumbar support.

Other popular convenience add-ons include canopies, umbrellas, storage pockets, and built-in coolers.

The modern beach chairs are also versatile. From the beach to the lawn and picnic sites, these chairs are handy.

There are also beach chairs for all kinds of people. From the elderly to kids to people with bad backs, there is a perfect beach chair for all.

This post shall cover all the different types of beach chairs. I’ll also recommend and briefly review the best pick for each category.

Additionally, I’ll discuss the buying guide.

In a hurry? Check out our hot list for the  most comfortable beach chair below.

14 Best Beach Chairs

  1. Rio Gear Ultimate Backpack Chair – Best Backpack Chair

  2. Sport-Brella 3-Position Recline Chair – Best Umbrella Chair

  3. Rio Beach 17” Extended-Height 4-Position Folding Beach Chair – Best Folding Chair

  4. SwimWays Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair – Best Canopy Chair

  5. Pacific Breeze Lounger – Best Beach Lounger

  6. KingCamp Adjustable 4-Position Recliner Chair – Best Beach Recliner

  7. Alpha Camp Heavy Duty Canopy Lounge Chair – Best Heavy Duty Chair

  8. KingCamp Low Sling Beach Chair – Best High-Off-The-Ground Chair

  9. Cascade Mountain Tech Compact Low Profile Camp Chair – Best Low Profile Chair

  10. Best Choice Products Adjustable Zero Gravity Recliner – Best Zero Gravity Chair

  11. Wekapo Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa – Best Inflatable Lounger

  12. ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair – Best Chair For Over 300 Lbs

  13. Strongback Elite Folding Camping Lawn Lounge Chair – Best Chair For Bad Backs

  14. Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair – Best Chair For Elderly

Buying Guide For The Best Beach Chairsbest beach chairs

Find the best beach chair online by considering these factors:

  • Frame Construction and Carry Capacity

The frame supports your weight. So, it has to be sturdy. That explains why metal is a superior choice over plastic and wood.

So, consider either steel or aluminum as both are rust-resistant and super-strong. However, you should remember to confirm the weight capacity of the chair before buying it.

At least, go for a higher limit than your weight.

  • Upholstery Material

Don’t expect wooden and plastic beach chairs to come with any upholstery. You should expect metal frames, however, to have some fabric.

When picking the upholstery material, ensure it is rip-resistant, breathable, and fast-drying. It should also not fade quickly and should be mold-resistant.

That undeniably describes highly-rated denier polyester.

  • Chair Comfortcheap beach chairs

You have to consider the seat height and seat width together with the padding.

Starting with the seat height, consider whether you want a high seat or a low seat.

The former allows you to access the beach with ease and such chairs have a 12+ inches seat height. The latter, on the other hand, lets you stretch out your legs, and the seat height doesn’t exceed 11 inches.

Unto the seat width, broad seats generally fill comfortable. So, consider them.

The backrest also needs to feel roomy, and so should the arms.

Last but not least, consider the chair’s padding. It should have generous cushioning all through. That’ll make it easy for you to relax for long hours.

Extra Considerations

  • Portability

You need a chair for the beach that you can collapse, pack, and carry conveniently. Therefore, it has to be lightweight and foldable. Preferably, it should fit in a carry case.

If that’s not the case, consider beach chairs with integrated shoulder straps. Shoulder straps convert a beach chair into a backpack for easy carrying.

  • Adjustability And Safety

You want your beach chair to allow you to lay flat if you wish to or at any angle. So, it shouldn’t just let you sit beach chairs

That’s why you need a beach chair with multi-recline advantages. However, the ability to recline in multiple positions is not enough.

The chair should come with safe-adjust brackets to protect your fingers when you lock it in position.

  • Built-In Extras

Different beach chairs come with varying accessories of convenience. So, the add-ons are mostly the difference makers when it comes to comparing cheap beach chairs.

Standard extras include drink holders (cup holders) and storage pockets.

Others include built-in coolers (insulated pouches), detachable umbrellas or canopies, towel bars, and adjustable footrest and headrest.

Types Of Beach Chairs (Plus Best Choices)

We are going to look at different beach chair types under the following:

  • Main beach chair types
  • Beach chairs for special categories

Main Types Of Beach Chairs

The main types of beach chairs include:

1. Backpack Chairs

Backpack beach chairs come in a lightweight foldable design to fold easily. They feature shoulder straps that allow you to carry them on the back.

A majority of backpack chairs come with a low seat. That means they are not suited to long-duration seating.

Backpack chairs come accessory-packed, and a perfect example is the Rio Gear Ultimate Backpack Chair.

The backpack beach chair comes with an insulated cooler compartment to keep a few drinks cool.

Its shoulder straps are well-padded and readily adjustable to promote its portability, and it comes with an adjustable headrest.

Besides the built-in cooler and shoulder straps, other add-ons include a drink holder, towel bar, phone pocket, and hanging bottle hook.

Rio Gear Ultimate reclines in five distinct positions, including flat. What is more, it features a lace-up suspension that supports good posture.
chair for the beach

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2. Canopy Chairs

The sun’s burning rays are always a threat to the skin on the beach. That’s why a sunshade is essential.

Luckily, you don’t have to be inside a tent or under an umbrella to escape the sun. All it takes is a beach chair with a canopy.

In some chair models, it’s possible to detach the canopy from the chair to make the carrying more comfortable.

It’s generally essential that the canopy is ultraviolet-protected. For that reason, pick a canopy with a 50+ sun protection factor (SPF) to get 98+% sun protection.

One best beach chair with canopy is the SwimWays Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair.  The chair’s roof not only shelters you from the scorching sun but the rain two.

This beach chair is foldable for easy packing, and its canopy is readily adjustable. It comes in sturdy construction, and it’s well-padded for the ultimate comfort.

SwimWays Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair boasts of a breathable oversized seat that feels comfy. Moreover, the chair comes with a shoulder bag to carry it with ease.
best beach chair with canopy

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3. Beach Chairs With Umbrella

Beach chairs with umbrellas are an alternative pick to canopy beach chairs. So, the umbrella protects you from the sun, and for that reason, it has to be UV-protected.

It should also be removable to allow you only to use it when it’s convenient.

I cannot find a better recommendation here than the Sport-Brella 3-Position Recline Chair.

The beach chair comes with an easy-to-adjust 3-position UPF 50+ umbrella to give you maximum sun protection.

Its seat also inclines in three positions for your ultimate comfort, and it comes with a detachable footrest.

Sport-Brella 3-Position Recline Chair comes with an insulated pocket for holding your cold beverages. It also has a large storage pocket for holding up to four drinks and a bottle opener.

This chair is readily portable and strongly-built to bear up to 250 pounds. And more, it comes with a convenient carry bag.
best beach chair with canopy

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Click Here For Kids Beach Chairs With Umbrellas

4. Beach Lounge Chairs

You probably are familiar with the living room chaise lounges. Beach lounge chairs look the same, only that they are designed for the outdoor weather.

While a majority don’t come with any padding, the high-end options are the direct opposite. They come well-padded and are mostly low-profile.

They are also well-extended to allow you to take a quick nap or soak up the sun.

Additionally, beach lounge chairs are generally adjustable and readily portable.

One unique lounge beach chair to get is the Pacific Breeze Lounger.

The beach lounger comes as a two-pack, therefore great for couples.

It’s lightweight and foldable for easy packing and comes with shoulder straps for convenient carrying.

The backrest adjusts almost seamlessly, and it’s 27.5 inches tall to suit tall users. The seat is also 21 inches wide to suit big-bodied guys.

Pacific Breeze Lounger is adequately-padded for maximum comfort and comes in a solid steel frame.
most comfortable beach chair

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5. Folding Beach Chairs

Portability is essential for all beach chairs. One way to check for it is to identify a collapsible chair.

A beach chair that folds easily is readily packable, space-saving, and quick to transport.

Luckily, a majority of beach chairs have some element of foldability.

I recommend the Rio Beach 17” Extended-Height 4-Position Folding Beach Chair here.

The folding beach chair reclines in four unique positions. The best part is that its recline is pinch-free, owing to its safe-adjust brackets.

This beach chair has a tall backrest and sits 17 above the ground. That makes it the most ideal for tall guys.

It comes with adjustable shoulder straps to let you carry it conveniently. Plus, the chair for the beach comes in an all-weather construction and is accessory-packed.
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6. Beach Recliners

If you enjoy taking a nap outdoors, then you should get a reclining beach chair. Such chairs allow you to tilt their backrest to your most-preferred angle. So, they have multi-positional advantages.

The chairs also come with an adjustable headrest to allow you to rest comfortably.

Generally, recliners don’t feature many add-ons, and so their strength is their reclining ability.

One of the best is the KingCamp Adjustable 4-Position Recliner Chair.

The recliner chair reclines in four comfortable ways, just like the name is suggesting.

KingCamp Adjustable 4-Position Recliner Chair comes in heavy-duty steel construction to bear up to 265 pounds.

It extends to about 6.5 feet and comes with a removable pillow for your headrest and lumbar support.

The outdoor chair is collapsible for quick storage. Generally, KingCamp Adjustable 4-Position Recliner is a fantastic choice for sunbathing.
best beach chairs

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7. Heavy-Duty Beach Chairs

The term heavy-duty is quite common in the beach chair market. So, what’s a heavy-duty beach chair exactly?

Well, a heavy-duty beach chair is a type of beach chair that’s strongly-built to withstand tremendous weights. Some heavy-duty beach chairs can bear up to 500 pounds.

These chairs are also roomy to suit plus-size buyers. The Alpha Camp Heavy Duty Canopy Lounge Chair is a classic example.

This best beach chair with canopy comes in a solid steel frame construction to hold huge weights.

The chair folds easily for quick setup and has a UV-protected canopy. So, that’s a bonus if you lack a sunshade.

Its back is breathable to allow you to sit comfortably for a long time. The chair is also well-padded on the arms and back, and it is raised above the ground.

Additional convenience add-ons include a drink holder, cellphone pockets and a 12-ounce drink pouch.
best beach chair with canopy

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8. High Off The Ground Chairs

Most beach chairs come with a seat that is 12 inches or higher off the ground. We call them high off the ground beach chairs for having a high seat.

The advantage of a high seat is that it’s easy to get in and out of. They are thus the perfect choice for seniors and guys with knee problems.

A perfect example of a high seat beach chair is the KingCamp Low Sling Beach Chair.

Its seat is 33.5 inches off the ground, and it comes with a high back.

The seat is also broad, measuring 23.2 inches. So, this chair suit both tall and big-bodied guys.

Given that it weighs 6.6 pounds, it’s lightweight. Besides, it comes with its convenient shoulder bag for its transport.

The chair enjoys the convenience of an adjustable headrest. Other convenience add-ons include a mesh pocket and a mesh cup holder.
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9. Low Beach Chairs

Low beach chairs are the direct opposite of high off the ground beach chairs. They are sometimes known as low-profile chairs because of their low-lying seats.

Their seat height doesn’t go beyond 11 inches, which means your feet will be touching the ground. Such chairs have one significant advantage; they allow you to stretch out your legs.

A perfect example is the Cascade Mountain Tech Compact Low Profile Camp Chair.

The low-profile beach chair sits 9 inches off the ground and comes with a 250-pound load limit.

This outdoor chair is very comfortable, thanks to its mesh back and thickly-cushioned armrests. Its seat is 21 inches wide, thus reasonably roomy.

The chair collapses quickly and compactly for easy carrying in a shoulder bag.  So, yes, it does come with a shoulder bag.

What’s more, its feet are strongly-reinforced to give it a firm, stable structure.
most comfortable beach chair

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10. Zero Gravity Chairs

Zero gravity beach chairs are NASA-inspired outdoor chairs that give you an experience likened to someone sitting on space.

So, your body suspends at any angle between 0 and 170 without the influence of gravity, thus the name zero gravity.

Zero gravity beach chairs generally give you utmost lumbar support. That’s because they don’t recline flat (at 180 degrees). As a result, they tend to conform to the natural curve of your spine.

A top recommendation here is the Best Choice Products Adjustable Zero Gravity Recliner.

The zero gravity beach chairs come in a set of two. Each chair enjoys a lockable-recline system that locks you into an ergonomic weightless (zero gravity) position.

It comes with an adjustable headrest to promote head as well as neck comfort. Plus, it features an elastic cord that conforms to your body’s shape.

This most comfortable beach chair is readily portable and comes accessory-rich.

What’s more, its construction is UV-resistant and sturdy.
most comfortable beach chair

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11. Inflatable Loungers

Inflatable loungers are a little different from other beach chairs. They don’t come with a frame. Instead, they come in ultra-portable air-fillable designs.

So, you have to fill the lounger with air before you can rest on it. Generally, these beach chairs have a sofa-like comfort.

Some are strong to hold up to 500 pounds. They are also wider to accommodate two or more people (if you count the kids).

Check out the Wekapo Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa as it’s the best inflatable lounger out there.

The air sofa doesn’t require the use of a pump. Instead, you only need to trap air inside.

This inflatable lounger comes in a unique pillow-style headrest to support your head.

Impressively, Wekapo Inflatable Lounger stays inflated for five or more hours.

It comes with its carry bag for transportation and a stake for ground reinforcement.

Additionally, the air sofa features two exterior mesh pockets and a bottle opener.
most comfortable beach chair

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Best Beach Chairs For Special Categories

In addition to the main beach chair types, we have beach chairs for special categories as follows:

12. Beach Chairs For Over 300 Lbs.

So, are you afraid that you can’t get a beach chair because you weigh over 300 pounds?

Well, what if I told you that there is a chair out there that can bear up to 800 pounds? I’m talking about the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair.

But still, many others can tolerate up to 500 pounds.

If we can touch on the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong briefly; there’s more about the chair than its massive load capacity.

The monster chair comes in oversized dimensions to feel roomy and comfortable.

It only weighs 13 pounds despite its vast weight capacity and folds compactly to fit in a storage case.

Its arms are adjustable, and it features a spacious side pocket for small items.

The ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair features tough polyester upholstery, and its frame is rock-hard steel. So, it’s both strong and durable.
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13. Beach Chairs For Bad Backs

A critical feature that beach chairs for bad backs have is lumbar support. The feature ensures that your spine rests naturally and so you don’t strain after seating for long.

These chairs are also generously-padded all through and mostly come with a high seat.

In most cases, these chairs are a befitting pick for the elderly.

One of the best options is the Strongback Elite Folding Camping Lawn Lounge Chair.

The beach chair comes with frame-integrated lumbar support to offer your spine optimal relief.

Its seat is well-padded and roomy to improve its comfort.

The beach chair has a 300-pound capacity, thanks to its heavy-duty construction.

It comes with a backpack carry bag for its transportation and is generously-padded all through.
best beach chairs

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14. Beach Chair For Elderly

The best elderly beach chairs are ergonomic and supportive. Additionally, they are well-padded and adjustable.

Generally, these chairs come fully-cushioned to encourage lumbar support. They are also high off the ground to make it easy for seniors to access them.

Additionally, these chairs are readily foldable and come with adequate cushioning all over, including the arms.

A perfect example is the Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair.

The elderly chair sits 18.1 inches off the ground and enjoys a 325-pound carry capacity.

Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair comes fully-cushioned for maximum comfort. Plus, its seat is not just raised but also roomy, enjoying a 24-inch width.

I like that the chair comes with a four-can cooler to hold up to four cold drinks. It also has a mesh cupholder on the arm and storage pocket.
best beach chairs

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1.      Which Beach Chair Is The Best For Heavy Guys?

There are so many beach chairs for heavy guys. So, it depends on your weight and size.

Overall, however, the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair is the best beach chair for heavy guys because of its 800-pound load capacity and robust build.

2.      Where Else Can I Use A Beach Chair?

You can use most beach chairs on picnic sites, backyards, patios, and swimming pool areas. You should confirm, however, that the chair is weather-resistant before using it outdoors.

3.      What Should I Look For In The Best Beach Chair For Kids?

Your kid needs a kids’ chair that is extra-comfortable, safe, portable, and sun-protected. Click here to check out beach chairs for kids.

4.      Which Material Is The Best For Beach Chairs?

Aluminum and steel are irrefutably the best frame material for beach chairs. That’s because the two are rust-proof and bend-resistant.

Aluminum, however, has a slight advantage because it’s lightweight.

5.      How Much Weight Can A Beach Chair Bear?

Different beach chairs come with various weight capacities. On average, however, most beach chairs bear up to 250-400 pounds

Concluding Thought

Above are the commonest best beach chairs on the market today. So, pick one that suits you the most and order it. That should improve your overall beach relaxation.

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