Best Baitcaster Combo Under 100 Dollars.

The main reason why most anglers don’t own fishing rods and fishing reels is the price. If that applies to you, then you are perfect for the best Baitcaster combo under baitcaster combo under 100

Are you wondering what a Baitcaster combo is? Well, this is a fishing gear that combines both worlds. I’m talking about a tool that features both a fishing reel and a rod.

The best part of a Baitcaster combo is that it is affordable. So, it’s the cheapest way to own a fishing rod and reel at the same time.

Do I have your attention now? I’m going to review and recommend the best budget-friendly baitcasting combos on the market.

But before that, I’ll take you through the buying considerations.

In a hurry? Check out my hot list for the best Baitcasting combo for the money below.

Best Baitcasting Combo Under 100 Dollars

  1. Abu Garcia BMXA3/701MH – Most Powerful Baitcaster Under 100

  2. KastKing Crixus Combo – Most Comfortable Baitcaster Under 100

  3. Ugly Stik GX2 – Most Beginner-Friendly Baitcaster Combo Under 100

  4. Ugly Stik Elite Baitcast Combo – Lightest Baitcaster Combo Under 100

  5. Lew’s Fishing Laser MG – Best Wide-Casting Baitcaster Under 100

Buying Considerations for the Best Baitcaster Combo Under 100 Dollars.

Though you are looking for a cheap Baitcaster combo, you don’t have to settle for inferior quality. For that reason, these factors are a must-consider:

  • Type of Material

You have to consider the construction of both the fishing reel and the rod.

When it comes to the reel, consider a strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant material like aluminum. But still, some reels feature stainless steel, which is also okay.

As for the rod, you’ll find a majority of them featuring graphite (carbon fiber) as the material is durable and flexible. Others come with fiberglass, which is equally durable and flexible.

  • Reel Frame

We’ve mentioned the best materials for the reel frame.

The other important consideration is the type of reel frame. That brings us to either a low-profile or a round-profile reel frame.

Generally, low-profile reel frames suit short, weaker catches while round reels suit larger, stronger catches.

  • Gear Ratio

The gear ratio (GR) refers to the number of complete spool turns. It generally indicates the reel’s fishing speed.

The average-speed gear ratio for the best Baitcaster combo under 100 is about 6:4:1, which suits both beginners and pros. But in case you want faster speed, I recommend a 7:1:0 GR.

And if you want to cast at a slow speed, go for a 5:4:1 GR.

  • Reel Braking System

Most beginner reels come with a centrifugal braking system because of its ability to work on friction. So, beginners find it easy to cast and take control of their catches.

We also have magnetic and dual brakes that are increasingly becoming popular, especially among pro fishers.

Both offer excellent general performance and are readily adjustable.

  • Size of Baitcaster

Baitcasting combos come in varying sizes. We’ve smaller Baitcasters that suit smaller and lighter catches and large Baitcasters that are suitable for bigger and heavier catches.

There are also medium Baitcasters that suit medium-size catches. So, pick a baitcasting combo depending on your fishing type.

  • Handle

Since you’ll be holding the best Baitcaster combo in your hand, it has to feel comfortable. It also shouldn’t slip off.

That explains why most handles are rubberized. Not only is rubber slip-resistant, but it also provides enough cushioning to feel comfortable.

Other handles come in ergonomic designs like a pistol style or a golf stick design. So, you can also consider such.
best baitcasting rod and reel combo

  • Spool

A good number of baitcasting combos come with aluminum spools because of the material’s general toughness and rust-resistant.

Aluminum is also lightweight, scratch-resistant, and affordable. So, it becomes easier to spin the spool with it.

You’ll also find some spools with holes that make them lighter to spin.

  • Length of the Rod

You want a fishing rod that can reach further. Therefore, going for the longest fishing rod is a smart idea. It will allow you to cast wider, thus great for medium and bigger catches.

But given that most fishing rods are 6-7 ft long, you won’t have a problem casting.

However, if you want to catch in tighter spaces, then pick a shorter rod.

  • Rod’s Power

The strength of the fishing rod is what we call the rod’s power. Essentially, the rod’s power depends on the core material, which is known as the backbone.

The backbone is mostly made of fiberglass or graphite, which are flexible and rigid. We also have a few other best cheap Baitcaster combo rods that combine the two core materials.

Generally, you need a more powerful rod for larger catches.

  • Rod’s Action

The rod’s action describes the position at which the rod bends. If it’s closer to the trip, we use the term fast-action. And if it is at the center, then the term to use is medium action.

Lastly, if the bending is at the bottom third part of the rod, we use the term slow action.

  • Drag System

The best Baitcaster combo under 100 comes with a drag system on its rear end or front. Others, however, feature drag rails both ends.

The front drag system comes with larger washers, and that translates to more power. As for the rear drag systems, they may not be the most powerful but are the most adjustable.

So, you may have to decide which between power and adjustability is more critical.

  • Ball Bearings

The moving parts of a reel have to move smoothly. The features that facilitate that are what we call ball bearings.

Most baitcasting combos come with four or more ball bearings to encourage smoother motion. It’s essential, however, that the ball bearings are well-placed.

They should also be debris-shielded and should come in a robust material construction like stainless steel.

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Best Baitcaster Combo Under 100: Top 5 Picks

Based on the above buying factors, here are five best baitcasting combos you can buy for less than 100 dollars.

1. Abu Garcia BMXA3/701MH Black Max Baitcasting Combo

The best baitcasting rod and reel combo should be sensitive and powerful. That’s what the Abu Garcia BMXA3/701MH Black Max Baitcasting Combo promises.

This fishing gear comes in a sleek, lightweight one-piece graphite frame design. Its side plates are also graphite, which means they are also lightweight and rigid.

Abu Garcia BMXA3/701MH features four stainless steel motion-enhancing ball bearings and an additional roller bearing for a stress-free retrieve.

It runs on a power disk system that guarantees a smooth drag. Also, it has steel guides that enable it to withstand rough handling.

This baitcasting combo comes with a 7-foot rod, thus great for casting further.

Additionally, it has a bent, ergonomic handle for comfortable hard-pulling and a MagTrax brake that encourages casting accuracy.
best baitcaster combo

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Highlight Features

  • Sleek one-piece frame
  • Lightweight side plates
  • Four stainless steel ball bearings
  • Power disk drag system
  • 7-ft long road
  • Ergonomic handle
  • MagTrax brakes

2. KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

You expect your best baitcasting combo under 100 to come with a powerful drag system, sturdy ball bearings, and a sensitive rod. That mainly describes the KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod and Reel Combo.

This baitcasting combo features a 5’6”- 6’6” long carbon fiber rod that allows you to cast accurately in tight spaces.

It has a 5+1 double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings that promote smooth reel motion.

Also, it enjoys a golf-style handle that makes it comfortable to hold and features stainless steel guides that deliver durable performance.

This budget fishing gear runs on a power transition system, which gives you a one-piece performance, even though the Baitcaster is a two-piece.

Moreover, it comes with aluminum spools and enjoys a powerful drag system.
best baitcasting combo for the money

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Highlight Features

  • Medium length carbon rod
  • 5+1 steel ball bearings
  • Golf-style, slip-resistant handle
  • Stainless steel guide
  • Powerful drag system
  • Aluminum spool

3. Ugly Stik GX2 Baitcast Combo

Are you eyeing the best Baitcaster combo for beginners? Then check out the Ugly Stik GX2 Baitcast Combo.

This fishing gear comes in a one-piece 6’6” casting rod. Its reel frame is made of graphite, thus lightweight, and enjoys an equally lightweight double-paddle aluminum handle.

Unlike the Baitcasters above it, the Ugly Stik GX2 Baitcast Combo only features one ball bearings.

It has a graphite spool with a 12-pound drag, and its reel handle position is on the right.

This baitcasting combo feels light and is relatively stable when casting. It’s also sleek in design and eye-catching.
best budget baitcaster combo

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Highlight Features

  • One-piece medium-sized rod
  • Graphite frame
  • One ball bearing
  • Graphite spool
  • 12-lbs drag
  • Double-padded aluminum handle

4. Ugly Stik Elite Baitcast Combo

The Ugly Stik Elite Baitcast Combo is another good Baitcaster combo that comes lightweight and at a pocket-friendly price.

This fishing gear contains about 35% additional graphite material, thus extra lightweight.

It features a one-piece steel guide that improves its durability and a clear tip that makes it extra sensitive.

Its reel has two ball bearings to encourage smooth motion. Furthermore, it enjoys a one-way anti-reverse ball bearing to give you adequate casting control.

Its spool is aluminum-build, thus reasonably strong and lightweight. The rod is a combination of fiberglass and graphite, therefore strong, sensitive, and flexible.

The Ugly Stik Elite Baitcast Combo features premium-quality cork handles for adequate holding grip and comfort.

Additionally, this

best baitcaster combo under 100 features an adjustable magnetic control for the casting.
best baitcasting combo under 100

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Highlight Features

  • One-piece steel guide
  • Extra sensitive clear tip
  • Cork handle
  • Adjustable magnetic control
  • Machined aluminum-potted spool

5. Lew’s Fishing Laser MG Speed Spool Combo

The Lew’s Fishing Laser MG Speed Spool Combo is another easy-to-carry, best budget Baitcaster combo.

It features graphite from the frame to the side plates and has a double-shielded stainless steel ball-bearing system.

This baitcasting combo enjoys a zero-reverse clutch system that makes it easier to take control of the cast.

The Lew’s Fishing Laser MG Speed Spool Combo has a 15-lbs drag power. That makes it a potent baitcasting combo.

It has a magnetic control brake system that you can adjust easily. The spool combo features EVA handles that are both lightweight and slip-resistant.

Additionally, it enjoys a 6:4:1 gearing ratio and a 6’6” heavy-action graphite rod to encourage wide casting.

It also comes with steel guides and inserts for promoting durability.

best beginner baitcaster combo

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Highlight Features

  • Flexible graphite frame
  • Heavy action graphite rod
  • Steel guides and inserts
  • Magnetic control brakes
  • 15-pound drag power
  • EVA handle
  • 6:4:1 gearing ratio

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1. What Is The Best Baitcasting Combo?

The best baitcaster combo under 100 should be lightweight, affordable, user-friendly, comfortable, stable, and powerful.

That describes these five baitcasting combos:

2. What Is The Best Baitcasting Combo For Beginners?

Beginners need Baitcaster combos that are simple in design, user-friendly, and lightweight. The combos also need to be stable and lightweight.

Though I can recommend any of the five Baitcasters to beginners, the best beginner Baitcaster combo is the Ugly Stik GX2 Baitcast Combo. It’s lightweight, well-balanced, comfortable, and easy to cast.

3. Why Are Baitcaster Reels Better Than Spinning Reels?

Spinning reels are generally smaller and narrower. So, they are hard to use when you have a fishing line with a large diameter.

Baitcasting reels, on the contrary, can comfortably handle such lines. Moreover, they offer you a more extensive cast. So, you get to cast wider with a Baitcaster reel.

4. Why Do Professional Fishers Use Baitcaster?

Professional fishers require strong lines, and that describes Baitcasters. Baitcasters enjoy more torque power to handle heavy fishing lines much better.

It’s also worth noting that Baitcasters are more comfortable even when you pull the rod’s tip sideways and downwards.

5. Why Is My Baitcasting Combo Not Casting Far?

Your baitcasting combo is not casting far, probably because the spool tensioner or the casting control knob is extra tight.

So, you need to loosen the spool tensioner or the control knob.


You no longer have to buy a fishing reel and a fishing rod separately. As you must have realized, that can be extensive.

What you should get is the best Baitcaster combo under 100, and above are the best recommendations. So, make you pick and get to save on money.

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