5 Beach Chairs For Big And Tall People | Sturdy High Beach Chairs.

As a big and tall guy, I understand how hard it is to find beach chairs for big and tall people. You are more likely to find options for overweight campers, but they lack the elevation to match your height.heavy duty beach chairs

And if you are lucky to find taller beach chairs, they may not be strong enough for your weight.

If you are overweight and taller like me, you must hate the experience of trying to get off a low-lying chair. You must also hate squeezing yourself in a cramped beach chair.

Don’t worry, nevertheless. I am writing this post to save you the anguish. I’ll take you through the tips for buying this elusive outdoor chair.

Moreover, I’ll review and recommend five best-oversized beach chairs that you can buy affordably.

If you want to jump straight to these beach chairs for over 300 Lbs. and tall guys, see below:

5 Best Beach Chairs for Big and Tall People

  1. Core Equipment Padded Hard Arm Chair -Best 300Lb Beach Chair

  2. Alpha Camp Oversized Camping Chair – Best 450Lb Beach Chair

  3. Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair – Best 800Lb Beach Chair

  4. Coleman Big-N Quad Camping Chair  – Best 600Lb Beach Chair

  5. Big Jumbo XL Heavy-Duty Beach Chair – Best 500Lb Beach Chair

Why Beach Chairs For Big And Tall People?

Are you plus-size and tall? Then it would be best if you had a beach chair for big and tall guys.

Here are a few benefits to expect from such a chair.

  • Comfort – Tall beach chairs are extra comfortable. They come in oversized dimensions, which mean more seating room. They are also adequately-padded and feature breathable materials to enhance your comfort.
  • Safety – Chairs for big and tall beachgoers are rock-hard and stable. So, you don’t have to worry about falling or damaging the chair’s construction. What you need to be safe is to match yourself with a beach chair that can sustain your weight.
  • Durability – These beach chairs come in heavy-duty frames and tough fabric to withstand the test of time. You’ll find them in metal frames to tolerate your huge weight and polyester fabric to resist tearing and sun damage.
  • Convenience – Like other beach chairs, oversized beach chairs also come with an array of accessories to improve their handiness. Most of them feature drink holders, adjustable pillows, storage pockets, backpack straps, and padded armrests.

Top Buying Considerations For Beach Chairs For Big And Tall People

You’ll find so many beach chairs on the market for big and tall people. So, how do you hand-pick the right one?

Here are the buying considerations:

  • Load Limit

What’s your current bodyweight? If you weigh 300 plus pounds, for example, getting a 400 lb capacity beach chair is a smart take. Such a chair will comfortably bear your weight.

Generally, sturdy high beach chairs bear up to 300-800 pounds. So, you cannot miss a sturdy option for your weight.sturdy high beach chairs

  • Solid Build

Your beach chair should come in a solid frame to comfortably hold your weight. That explains why so many heavy duty beach chairs feature steel frames.

But given that steel is weightier, you can consider powder-coated aluminum. It’s lighter but, more importantly, more robust and rust-resistant.

Also, check the fabric to verify that it’s durable. You can never go wrong with denier-rated polyester.

  • Extra Padding

Knowing that you’ll be sitting for long hours outdoors, the chair has to feel comfortable. So, it should come with adequate padding all through.

Start by checking out the seat and backrest. Also, look at the armrest, backrest, and other areas.

  • Adjustability

The adjustability of beach chairs for heavy person significantly influences their comfort. So, if you want a more comfortable oversized beach chair, then it has to be adjustable.

Some of them have multi-position recline advantages, which means you can sit upright or at an angle. They also come with adjustable armrests as well as headrests.

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Other Buying Considerations For Beach Chairs For Big And Tall People

  • Portability

A majority of beach chairs for big and tall people are portable. They come in lightweight design, and they are readily collapsible for compact carrying.

A majority of them come with carrying bags. Others have shoulder straps to allow you to carry them like a backpack.

  • Wider Dimensions

Given that you are big-bodied, you shouldn’t struggle to fit in a beach chair. So, consider extra-large beach chairs.

Both the seat and backrest should be broader to allow you to get in and out of the chair quickly. The armrests also need to be wider to feel comfortable.

  • High Seat

Have you ever tried getting out of a low-profile chair when you are big and tall? It must have been depressing, right?

Well, I get it, and that’s why I recommend high seat beach chairs. Its seat height should be greater than 12 inches to raise you above the ground comfortably.high off the ground beach chairs

Though there are some comfortable low-profile beach chairs, they don’t suit taller guys. So, for high off the ground beach chairs.

  • Ease of Setup

It’s not just about finding a comfortable, portable, and durable beach chair but also a user-friendly one. One way to check for its user-friendliness is by looking at its ease of assembly.

The chair should come in a collapsible design to allow you to set it up quickly.

  • Rich Extras

Beach chairs for big and tall people impress with their add-ons. You’ll find them with swing cup holders, multiple pouches, adjustable headrests, and padded armrests.

You’ll also find a majority of them with shoulder straps for convenient carrying. Others feature umbrellas, canopies, and built-in coolers.

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Top 5 Beach Chairs For Big And Tall People

Judging by the discussed buying considerations, these five beach chairs are the best for big and tall guys:

1. Core Equipment Folding Padded Hard Arm Chair

Load Capacity – 300 Pounds

The Core Equipment Folding Padded Hard Arm Chair is one of the most comfortable, modern-style outdoor chairs on the market today.

This chair is padded from the headrest to the armrests. Its frame is steel, and it enjoys strong legs to bear 300 pounds comfortably.

Its 25.5 inches wide seat is not just large and well-padded, but it’s also soft-feeling and rip-resistant. That is thanks to its 600D polyester covering.

This big and tall beach chair folds easily to fit in its carry bag. Impressively, the carry bag has a robust and comfortable strap for convenient carrying.

Some of its extras are a gear pocket and an oversized cup holder.
tall beach chairs

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Highlight Features

  • Soft-feeling polyester
  • Foldable design
  • Carry bag
  • Oversized cup holder
  • Gear pocket
  • Roomy seat

2. Alpha Camp Oversized Camping Folding Chair

Load Capacity – 450 Pounds

The Alpha Camp Oversized Camping Folding Chair comes in an oversized alloy-steel frame that enables it to hold up to 450 pounds.

This 39.7 inches tall beach chair is easily collapsible for compact storage.

It comes with some fantastic extras like a mesh cup holder, cooler bag, and side pockets. So, you can easily keep your drink cold using the cooler bag.

The chair weighs 13.2 pounds, thus easy to lift and transport. It is not just easy to collapse but also unfold, therefore quick to set up.

This beach chair features an oversized seat to provide you with sufficient seating space. The seating area is also well-padded and features tough 300D oxford fabric.

Its armrests are padded and wider to enhance your seating comfort.

Additionally, its steel frame is powder-coated to resist corrosion, and it comes with lumbar support.
tall backpack beach chair

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Highlight Features

  • Rust-resistant steel frame
  • Collapsible design
  • Cupholder
  • Side pockets
  • Padded armrest
  • Large seat
  • Cooler bag

3. Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair

Load Capacity – 800 Pounds

Here comes probably the most gigantic and most robust beach chair ever. The Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair comes with an 800-pound weight sustenance capacity.

Interestingly, this monstrous outdoor chair is just 13 pounds heavy. So, it’s readily portable.

The tall backpack beach chair features a powder-coated steel framework that gives it maximum stability. You can collapse its frame and store it in its shoulder carry bag.

Its fabric is 600D polyester, which gives it a durable build.

The chair has cup holders and side pockets on both armrests. It also has a large pocket on its back.

This extra-large outdoor chair is 38 inches taller and broader, thus suited for the tallest and fattest. Its seat, however, is 24.5 inches wider.
beach chairs for heavy person

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Highlight Features

  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Roomy seat
  • Large back pouch
  • Cup holders
  • Side pockets
  • Tough fabric

4. Coleman Big-N Tall Quad Camping Chair

Load Capacity – 600 Pounds

The Coleman Big-N Tall Quad Camping Chair is another strong gigantic beach chair. With a 19-inch seat height and a 600-lbs load capacity, this chair is built for the heaviest and tallest.

The chair has large feet and a 24-inch wide oversized seat that gives it adequate stability. The broad seat also gives you a roomy seating space, thus quite comfortable.

It features a water-resistant sleeve that protects personal electronics from wetness. Interestingly, its seat drains water that collects to stay dry.

This plus size beach chair collapses quickly for compact storage, and it comes with a carry bag for its transportation.

Additionally, it comes with a one-year warranty and enjoys a unisex design.
big and tall beach chair

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Highlight Features

  • Large feet
  • Oversized seat
  • Waterproof sleeve
  • Strong, steel frame
  • Carry bag
  • Draining seat

5. Big Jumbo XL Aluminum Heavy-Duty Beach Chair

Load Capacity – 500 Pounds

Are you looking for the most adjustable, heavy-duty beach chair for tall and heavy guys? Then consider the Big Jumbo Xl Aluminum Heavy-Duty Beach Chair if you weigh less than 500 pounds.

The heavy-duty beach chair enjoys a four-position recline advantage, thus very flexible. Plus, it comes in an aluminum frame construction, thus very lightweight.

The entire chair weighs 16 pounds and features polyester fabric that extends its durability.

The chair sits about 16 inches above the ground, and it is 42 inches tall, thus ideal for tall guys.

Its arms are wide and feature a four-inch solid hardwood with scratch-proof and weather-resistance properties.

Also, it has a swing drink holder, a side pocket on the armrest, and an under-seat zipper pocket. Furthermore, it comes with an adjustable headrest.
oversized beach chairs

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Highlight Features

  • Adjustable headrest
  • Under-seat pocket
  • Armrest pocket
  • Wide armrest
  • Four recline positions

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FAQs About Beach Chairs For Big And Tall People

1. Which Beach Chairs For Big And Tall People Are The Best?

Factors like quality build, portability, comfort, and recline ability are influential in describing the best beach chair. Below are beach chairs for big and tall guys which meet the prerequisites:

2. Which Beach Chair Brands Are The Best?

There are so many beach chair brands on the market, and so the options can be overwhelming. For that reason, it’s smarter to go with a brand with a proven reputation.

That brings us to these manufacturers:

  • Coleman
  • Beach Mall
  • ALPS Mountaineering
  • Alpha Camp
  • Elevate LLC

3. How Much Weight Do Beach Chairs Carry?

The average beach chairs hold up to 300 pounds. But since we are talking about chairs for big and tall guys, they tend to tolerate more load. There are others than can bear up to 600-800 pounds.

4. Which Frame Material Is The Best For Beach Chairs?

Generally, metal frames (steel and aluminum) are the strongest, most durable, and most rust-resistant option. So, yes, they are the best for high beach chairs frames.

Aluminum, however, is by far the lighter option, thus the most portable.

5. How Can I Take Care Of My Oversized Beach Chair?

The biggest threat to your beach chair’s lifespan is rust, which affects the frame. Unless the frame is rust-resistant, you need to apply a rust-shield, which you can buy online.

Additionally, avoid placing damp things on the frame as they encourage rusting. Also, wipe off wet sand and dust once you leave the beach.

What’s more, don’t use abrasive chemicals on the fabric when cleaning and ensure the chair dries up properly to avoid dampness.

Concluding Thought

Given that there are so many beach chairs for big and tall people, you should only get the best. Luckily, I have done the hard part for you. You need to go through the reviews and pick one oversized chair.

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